Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Need An Oil Change?

Then allow me to recommend the Jiffy Lube in Draper.


Sue said...


Mindy said...

So, don't know if you'll even see this, but you're a hard girl to find! Online, anyway. It's been a LONG time, so fun to see your blog. I wanted to ask you for a recommendation for getting our wedding pic negatives digitized. See, I got married back in a strange time of film and negatives. What was that about? SO weird to us now. You look as adorable as ever, tho I haven't read many of your posts. The chicken one did make me laugh, tho. No, not because the chicken died, but because I have a much BETTER chicken at the vet story. Sorry to be a seven-upper, but I earned this one...It's a much better story in person :) This is getting super long, so how about emailing me and we can maybe catch up? Hopefully you remember who I am, lol. I think Alex and Brahm are about the same age if I remember right? Maybe we could get together. Hope to talk to you soon cute Jenny!
Mindy (Atkinson- you took our wedding pics- you do remember, right? If not disregard this rambling message from a crazy lady)