Sunday, August 17, 2008

Greetings from the South Pacific

Aaaaaah. Do you hear that? Neither do I. I'm on my second day of vacation from my day job - Brahm and Oliver. Brooks took them down to his parents' house for the weekend and I am all by myself. All I can hear is the soft hum of the box fan and even though I'm here in Sandy, as far as I'm concerned I may as well be lying on the beach somewhere warm and tropical. Now that I think about it, I really need to renegotiate my contract and build this kind of vacation clause in for three or four times a year at least.

Down at grandma and grandpa's, Brahm and Oliver are doing the same thing.

Things I have done since they left:

•stayed up late watching TV with all my neglected pedicure supplies laid out in front of me
•went for a bike ride without a trailer attached
•slept in
•sat through stake conference this morning without having to break up a fight
•didn't make lunch
•was the first to take a nap after church
•read for as long as I wanted without hiding in a closet
•took another nap
•read some more
•slept some more
•called a friend without having to schedule it on the family calendar
•nothing in general, and lots of it

The other side of the coin is that their absence allows me to see just what the little anklebiters add to my life. This isn't mom-guilt that compels me to include this piece of info, either - it's actually with a certain amount of surprise that I do. It will be nice, for a change, to actually feel delight when I see them again tomorrow. I guess that what vacation is for.

But I won't have to think about that for another seventeen and a half hours...