Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Found on the Kitchen Table

"Dear Brahm - I have decided to be a mad scientist so I can get some money. From: O  P.S. I'm going to sell my inventions."

(On the other side)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

These images reflect Brahm and Oliver's relationship fairly well. They are very close and like to be silly.

I also paid them to pose for this.

We were in the backyard yesterday picking raspberries when I went to get my camera. Their summer haircuts and sun-kissed skin are too much to resist. As soon as they see me they start acting goofy on purpose to wreck the shots. This is pretty much par for the course as is what I do next: offer a financial incentive. Since we've done this a time or two I know to lowball them at first because Oliver will instantly demand twice the initial offer. Since I know he's going to do this, I'm ready to refuse. I really want the shots but he wants the money more. So when I say, "OK, forget it." and start to walk away, he grabs Brahm and jumps in front of the camera with all manner of brotherly love.

I'm no dummy - I shoot like crazy because who knows how long it will last? They'll have a visual reminder in fifty years of a time in their lives when things were simple and unfettered. They will be inclined to remember when they got along and forget the times they didn't. Brooks and I will be gone long before their brotherhood ends and a photo will outlast us all.

Fifty cents never went so far.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Reasons I Love Summer

And not necessarily in this order...

10. Sleeping in, late breakfast, wearing pajamas until 10:00
9. Hanging laundry on the clothesline, the smell of my favorite fabric softener
8. Watching lightning storms from the porch swing while holding Brooks' hand
7. Mowing the lawn, the smell of fresh cutting, tossing them to the chickens
6. The anticipation of tomatoes from the vine, the stain of green leaves under my fingernails
5. Homemade ice cream!

4. Standing in front of the swamp cooler, its whirring sound
3. Talking to Randy and Colleen over the fence: "Well, hello, Miss Jenny!"
2. Long days at the pool, sunscreen, beach towels, the smell of chlorine
1. More hours of sun during the day, crickets singing outside the window at night