Sunday, January 3, 2010

Found when uploading photos from the camera (courtesy of Brahm):


jai said...
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jai said...

That just made me go like this:


Elisa said...

Does it frighten you that I know that the lego figure in the first picture is Luke wearing the outfit he wore at the end of the original Star Wars movie when he and Han and Chewie get an award from Princess Leia?

And the planet they are on is the moon Yavin.


Top that, programming geeks of the world!


eugie74 said...

Elisa Black, I am in complete and total awe of you. Beyond that, I'm speechless.

Kami said...

Is it sad that I own that "special edition" mini-figure and won't let my son play with it.

Yes, yes it is.

BTW---Holden absolutely loved these pictures!

Lou said...

This perked up my Friday morning. Your kids are just about the coolest ever. I totally want copies of those photos. Very Gregory Crewdson/ James Casebere. Love it.