Saturday, December 25, 2010

Left Behind

...on the hearth this morning:

Dear Oliver and Brahm,

Thank you for your letter and snacks. Sorry if we left a mess. My reindeer get thirsty flying around so fast. Usually they eat the snow on the rooftops to cool off but there wasn't any snow here! I didn't give you everything on your list. I only give really bad kids everything they want so that their greed prevents them from understanding the real meaning of Christmas.

Brahm, you were honest in your letter. That's a very noble quality. You can tell who is truly brave by how often he tells the truth. Always be brave, Brahm.

Oliver, I've noticed you've been working harder to be good. You have a mischievous side to you, like myself. It is a wonderful quality. Learn to bless people, like I have, and you will always be loved and respected.

Your dad left me a note that you boys have been fighting and asked me to to withhold a few presents. I understand why, but unlike him, I see what you do every day. I know that both of you are FAR more nice than naughty.

Oliver, you asked if I'm real. Well, my boy, I can tell you I'm as real as any dream you've ever had, or any hope you've ever held in your heart! I'm as real as a whisper and the warmth of love.

Merry Christmas to both of you!

St. Nicholas

P.S. Sorry my pen is so bad - and for the sloppiness. Prancer keeps bumping my hand!


Lou said...

booo hoooo this brought a little tear to my eye!

Elisa said...

I really like Santa. He's always impressed me.