Thursday, December 16, 2010

And From Oliver

And if you struggle with seven-year-old penmanship, here's a translation:

"Dear Santa Claus,
I hope you give me good presents. I want to know if you are real. I never knew that you were real. Would you please send me note on Christmas? I'd love to make some cookies for you and milk. What kind of cookies and milk do you like? I hope I've been good. Here's my list of things I want:

• battle droid bobble head
• Legos Star Wars and Atlantis
• Detective Set
• Spy Gear Set
• iPad
• iPod
• remote control ATAT
• Legos  submarine set
• Nintgendo DS
• 25 bucks
• any kids robots
• any cool bobble heads that I like
• any rare Pokemon or Pokemon pack
• silly bandz
• lots of Nutcrackers
• Club Penguin membership for a year
• lots of marbles
• Mighty Mugs
• a new bike
• a big Nerf Gun
• to see you
• candy (lots)
• Poptropica Membership
• paintball gun
• Beyblade"

1 comment:

Kate said...

wow I am out of the kid loop, I have no idea what half of that stuff is...although I do know what an ipad is. $25.00 bucks is my favorite.