Sunday, April 11, 2010

We Did It Again

Meet the new ladies of the house (l-r): Lady Peaches Fondue, a Cornish; Rebecca Lucille, a White Leghorn; Fauxhawk, an Auracana and Licorice/Searchlight, a Silver Lace Wyandotte (Licorice by day, Searchlight by night).

We said good-bye this year to Buffy (because it was a rooster) and Eve (because she kept escaping the pen and eating my garden). I'm making it sound like that was the reason we bought the chicks last month when really it's because we've formed a chicken habit. We agreed on adding three more to the brood but I came home with a fourth because "Silver Lace Wyandotte" sounded so promising.

Oliver with his harem. His chick is Licorice who he will tuck inside his coat and take with us when we run errands (sometimes I am aware of this and sometimes I am not). Normally I would discourage it but he has a gift with birds; they seem to be drawn to him.

Peaches got a bird bath to remove some, uh, "excrement" from her tail feathers that got stuck. You can't just leave a wet chicken hanging, right? Here's Brooks taking care of business.

Brooks and Peaches at the breakfast table.

Second-guessing their birthday gift for Brahm.


Mindy Gledhill said...

I want some chickens! It's just been made legal in our neighborhood. Will you come down and give us a tutorial?

eugie74 said...

Fo'sho' dude! Don't you have a little chicken coop down by the trampoline?

Sue said...

There are chickens in our future. All we need to do is get our own land and house. That's all. But we definitely plan to have some chickens down the road.

Kami said...

My kids saw the pictures of the chicks and immediately began asking to go and see them!

"It's not fair that they get chickens and we don't, Mom."

Was Holden's responce. So, when you get a chance, call me and we'll come hang out. I'll bring treats if that will persuade you.