Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"I'd like to thank my family and friends..."

One of my very favorite cousins got married last weekend so I drove to California with the boys to participate in the festivities. It turns out that the reception was held at the home of Keith Merrill who happens to be an LDS filmmaker. Most of you won't know this but I knew Brooks would so I called him to brag.

"You'll never guess whose house I'm pulling up to right now," I say feeling smug.

Showing off his superior person's knowledge of cinematic trivia, he replies, "Well, just make sure you get to see his Academy Award before you leave."

It's his nonchalant tone that gets me. He knows I have no connections to make such a personal request so I immediately put my Great Brain to the task of pulling it off. Within fifteen minutes I had found, photographed, and emailed the proof to him.

"Check your email," I say in triumph over the phone. His hearty laugh sounds in my ear a moment later.

Winkel:1 Briggs:0


Kate said...

way to go...they had one at Disney that i got a photo of my boss holding, but I was too afraid to hold it.

jai said...


Dubb Days said...

That is classic, I must say!

KT said...

forget the trophy, look at your arms! who has more gorgeous arms than you? no one!

did you know that I read your blog? and I love it. makes me miss you hermana.

Nae said...

They're heavy, huh! I held one in 1992 ... the one for the Rain Man screenplay winner. How fun ... and way to brag.

Heidi said...

Ha! That's unreal.