Saturday, June 20, 2009

Top 10

...for the last four weeks (in no particular order).

1. School's out! Jenny in denial; continues drop-off and pick-up schedules as usual.

2. Angi visits from Seattle to meet baby Emmett. Amy and Enzo would complete this picture.

3. Brooks goes back to work full-time, wears black. In show of solidarity, Jenny wears [new] black [dress from Nordstrom], too.

4. Buy Greek tortoise. Lose Greek tortoise in backyard. Find and lose tortoise three more times. Dumb pet owners. Smart pet.

5. Send boys to room to mate socks as punishment for fighting. Found not mating socks (but not fighting, either).

6. 6/17: White House schedules visit for Secretary of Health and Human Services to Historic Sandy Community Garden! 6/19: White House cancels visit for Secretary of Health and Human Services to Historic Sandy Community Garden!

7. Surprise pre-dinner visit to archery range orchestrated by Brooks. Jenny over-dressed. Brooks emails post-date JPG next day:
"Hmm... what new activity could I schedule that would require Jenny to wear a black dress while wielding a deadly weapon?"

8. Bad news: record-breaking rain floods into new basement twice. Good news: affects only unfinished bathroom. Concrete floors and old towels make for easy clean-up.

9. Jenny chokes on chicken wrap. Carpenter on hand to perform Heimlich. Itemization in next bill reflects service.

10. Bought $6 Lucky jeans at DI. Find $6 in pocket. Now that's lucky.


Heather said...

These are great- I love #10 AWESOME!

Nae said...

Oh, my! This made me laugh so hard ... and really made my afternoon. Loved the boys in the socks! And poor Jenny with her purple face ... and your lucky Lucky jeans! You're family is great! Tell Brooks good luck at work! (And enjoy your black dress.)

Lou said...

Aaaah I love those boys!

Heidi said...

Holy... 6 bucks? In the used jeans? That were 6 bucks? You're my hero.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it every husband's dream to have a wife who can shoot arrows while wearing an LBD???

Highly entertaining post, as usual!

Amy C