Monday, March 16, 2009

This Week's Top Ten

(in no particular order...)

1. "Henry Poole is Here" starring Luke Wilson. (Loved him first time I saw him in X-Files episode playing buck-toothed vampire sheriff. What's not to love about that??) Rent it at Redbox.

2. Brahm (after I nuzzle his face): "You have a scratchy chin."

3. Oliver rescued from under two-ton cast iron bathtub by father. Got stuck doing dusting chores. Mother callously snaps photo for blog.

4. Jacuzzi soak after Saturday's long run.

5. Arrival of three chicks to backyard farm. Welcome Buffy, Fluffy and Ozymandias (Ozzie for short).

6. iPod died. Covered by extended warranty Brooks had foresight of purchasing. Yay!! Target gift card arrived in mail today. No more boring workouts.

7. Inadvertent combination of magnet and fridge reminder:

(Prize for best caption.)

8. Sleeping in on weekends. Brahm old enough to forage for breakfast! (note to son: Bozo-stained smile gives away Crystal Light packets. Try odorless, colorless cold cereal instead).

9. Buy-One-Get-One-Half-Price coupon from The Philadelphian hole-in-th -, I mean, "restaurant". Lunch date, Matty?

10. New Nathan Fillion dramedy on ABC. Move over, Lost! (Sawyer - I'll call you, OK?).


Bubble said...

Attempt at captioning:

"It's okay, my child. Obama is president now, and I know you'll never vote Republican again."

eugie74 said...

LOL! I'm going to have a fab day now for sure! Thanks for the post :).

Utah Grammie said...

The pics so the boys with the chicks are AWESOME - live the texture - you can almost feel the down...

Mindy Gledhill said...

Ha Ha Ha! (Pee Wee style).

Matthew said...
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Matthew said...

OK, I didn't realize you had chicks. I thought Buffy, Fluffy, and Ozymandias was the name of one chicken, the one your contractor gave you. Now it makes more sense. :)

The baptism checklist and magnet combination is priceless. Oops!

I would love to have Philadelphian for lunch, but only if we do take-out and eat it at your house. The food tastes great, but I lose my appetite after a little while if I stick around too long.