Friday, February 27, 2009

Brahm Guest Blogs Today

testing-testing,oh,it's already on.Hi I'm brahm jenny's oldest son.I'm seven years old.

[Now I'm having my dad type for me.] I like Legos and Pokemon. I have over 400 Pokemon cards. And I build really cool creations. I can build really good ships and I can have little people on the ships. I have of lots of Lego Star Wars, no Lego City, but I have some creator blocks too. What would be similar to grown-ups would be Megablox. Legos are still some cool building blocks. I enjoy having my friend Austin over to build Legos with me. He likes to build with my Lego Indiana Jones. I have Yoda and I have Storm Troopers and I have some clones too. I have rebels with their speeder and I have the Temple of the Lost Ark and the Boulder Chase (with the lost idol). I have only one Lego Aqua Raider and they are usually not sold now. But there is new Lego pirates and new Lego Power Miners. They have Lego racers and on, someone made a Lego Pickachu!

I think that is cool! I have a Pokemon card called Pickachu, too. I have what it turns into, and its called Richou. [Jenny typing now] I have the Pokemon Dusknoir and it's first stage, second stage and Dusknoir itself is the third stage. I have two Steelix. My favorites are my high levels like Jirachi ex and I have levels that are like "ex" but are "level X". I have six of those. They are called "Dusknoir", "Gardevoir", "Regigigas", "Darkrai", "Mewtwo" and "Mesprit". My favorite are "Gyarados", "Magnezone", "Aggron", "Garchomp", "Ampharos", "Bellossom", "Kingdra", a Japanese "Nidoqueen", "Swamper" and "Torterra" and "Gengar". Those aren't all of my powerful Pokemon. I also have a "Machamp". It is really old. It is very strong. I have some wacky Pokemon names like "Wooper" and another weird one is "Numel". I have a really weak Pokemon. It has one life. It is called "Mysterious Fossil". It is a trainer. And I have a Pokemon cousin named "Phione" and it has another person named "Manaphee". They both look alike. They have a red jewel on their chest. I have a Pokemon that's similar to an ancient fish named soelacanths. The Pokemon name is "Relicanth".

That is probably all I want my mom to write except for doing this for me [he hugs gives me a hug when he says this].


Lou said...

Brahm you are such a cool cat! I had not idea you were quite so excelled in the wisdom Lego and Pokemon. I want to be like you when I grow up!

Sarah said...

What a fun idea to have Brahm do a post! I loved reading about all the stuff he enjoys....sounds a lot like my Brandon. I guess that makes sense seeing as they are the same age.