Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Fossil Attempts Another Entry

Here's the non-post-related image for the day. Poor Brahm gets pummeled by Oliver every night without knowing it. The latter is a restless sleeper and is constantly rolling around, changing positions, etc. I have watched with my own eyes as he encroaches on Brahm's space time after time. I woke up one morning and found the two like this so I grabbed a shot with Brooks' phone. I see myself showing it to my friends. "Look," I'll say, "The two are so close that they can hardly be apart even while at rest."

So just a couple of things I want to jot down so I won't forget:

In the car tonight Brooks is trying to keep the boys from getting too restless by engaging them with simple trivia questions. "What happened in American Fork on April 6, 2001?" for example. This is the day and place where Brahm was born so they guess it right away. I try my hand with this one: "What happened on June 23, 1974?" which happens to be my birthday.

"Um, was that the day Daddy was born?" Oliver ventures.

"If that was Dad's birthday, "Brahm points out in earnest, "then he'd be like 322 years old!"


So Brooks then picks up with quizzing the O-man on the colors of the rainbow.

"OK, OK! Don't tell me!" He concentrates to be able to get the answer right then proceeds in all sincerity. "OK, red, yellow, violet, Massachusetts..."

We all bust out laughing.

"Massachusetts?" Brahm chuckles in a good-natured way. "Oliver, that's pathetic."


Croft Family said...

Now that's funny! What a cute kid. My boys sure miss having them at Lynn and Carols house when we go and visit

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Heather said...

That is so cute- kids say the funniest stuff!