Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Playgroup

For a few years now, Brahm, Oliver and I have had a summer tradition of meeting up with a small group moms and their kids for a weekly outing. These are women I originally met through friends of Brooks while he was in the grad program.

One of the mom's husband is an organist for the tabernacle choir. Today he gave a recital at the old tabernacle and she kindly arranged a backstage tour for us which included an up-close explanation of the organ itself as well as a walking tour through the pipes behind the stage! Of course this is one of those moments where I'm thinking what a fine cultural opportunity this is is for my kids in order to subdue the guilt I feel for subjecting them to an hour of doing the impossible: sitting still through the recital and keeping their hands to themselves while near and in the organ! What are all those buttons, knobs and keys for if not to be physically examined? Sigh. And what's more, of course I felt compelled at dinner to reiterate what a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that was for them and how amazed they should be by what they saw and did (ahem, like I was).

Illusion: this had some cultural meaning for them.
Hope: they will remember this day as time well-spent with each other and with me.
Reality: Oliver summarizes the day's events with Brooks by stating that he had shared his Pokemon cards with Isaac and that Isaac promised to share his with Oliver next week.


Utah Grammie said...

Perfect ending to a perfect day..who could ask for more..(and from one old grandma- they do remember things like this when they are the oddest of moments...)It may just surprise you!

Super Kate said...

ahhh funny is that.

Kara Jane said...

finally a Briggs/Winkel's sure to be a page turner cause both of you are such great writers. Thanks for sharing.

Nerdyem said...

Oliver's synopsis just made me crack up.

Why is it that the educational and highly cultural events we cherish(and plan as bright future warm spots in our children's memories) always seem to boil down to some moment of mass media icon recognition? Ugh.

So I must admit, Ms. Brinkel, I was robustly scandalized when I opened up your invite to this blog. (After hearing your incredulity regarding dirty laundry-airing bloggers to Kara last Sunday and all...) :D

Seeing your reconsideration of blogging reminded me of the time I declared publicly to several women that I thought dyeing one's hair was vain and a defiance of the color the Creator gave us. I then ruminated deeply over my statement (and my mousy brown locks), and promptly highlighted my hair the following week. Oh, the fun and weakness of being human.

I wait for the next installment with baited breath.