Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

It's been nine years today and we celebrated first thing in the morning by removing the toilet from our upstairs bathroom (photo courtesy of Brahm). The toilet was the only thing allowing us to stay in our house during the remodel (who needs a shower?) and so now that the only modern plumbing convenience remaining is the kitchen sink, it seems we must go. (Brooks' aunt and uncle in South Jordan have graciously agreed to take us in.)

They say if your marriage can survive building or remodeling a home, it can survive anything. How fitting that we should mark the occasion in this fashion.

Other things we have survived since July 14, 1999:

•moving to Historic Sandy from Provo
•three job changes for Brooks
•two live childbirths for Jenny
•the gain and loss of one hundred pounds directly associated with those childbirths
•transition from a sedan to a station wagon (yikes!). No minivan in sight.
•two first days of pre-school and one of kindergarten
•three trips to the ER and one appendectomy for Jenny; a tonsillectomy for Brahm
•(almost) two Bush terms
•the ascension of Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie in popular culture


Utah Grammie said...

Happy Anniversary! Can we look after Ophelia? Or did you make other arrangements? Just let us know - Oh! Did you hear? We have a hummingbird nest!! Under the eves where the lights hook up on the West corner of the back roof.
I am soo excited!

Super Kate said...

Holy crap! How long are you going to have to be out of your place?

Sue said...

It's about time you get into a place where you don't have to hike a few blocks down the road just to take a shower!

To the comment about marriage surviving a remodel, might I add, any children who come out of a remodel NOT needing therapy because of their uber cranky parents, those are some tough kiddos!

Is there any end in sight?

Keli'i and Megan said...

Hey Jenny! Nice to see you out in the blogging world! Congrats on the Anniversary! I always love to see and hear about you! Hope all is well!


Your cousin, Megan

Matt Baker said...

That pic of brooks and his curly wool is my new desktop picture!