Monday, December 26, 2011

Storm Trooper Takes LA

A couple of weeks ago, a friend pointed out that I need to blog more. True. This is me backblogging to the end of November when Brooks took a business trip to LA for a video shoot. As is customary, Brahm sent him packing with a Lego figure (this time, a Storm Trooper) to document the trip. I present the following:

On the set

"Pull focus!"

You can't see him because he's behind the lens on this one.

Out on the town

Lunch break at the Griddle Cafe

Bumping into Alan Tudyk at the airport ("Wash" of Firefly fame, a favorite of Brooks and mine)

Good-bye coastline, hello inversions!

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jai said...

2) Why is Brooks wearing the same shirt as Alan Tudyk?
3) Ya'll rock.