Sunday, April 3, 2011

In No Particular Order

Thumbs Up

1. Survivorman: Les Stroud reality series on Netflix. Man survives in remote areas on the planet with harmonica, multitool and crushed corn chips in pocket.

2. Lunch with gay boyfriend Matty at new pho restaurant in town. (Double-thumbs up: Dad spots me a twenty - lunch is on him).

3. Settlers of Catan. Jenny finally concedes to play and likes it!

4. Monster Truck Rally with Aunt Vicki, Uncle Mark and Cousin Emmett.

5. Babysitting Nonah and Zuggie.

6. Oliver: "What I need is a little more Monchichi in my life."

7. Sister Mindy's new music video:

8. Spring Equinox Party with Elisa, Janelle, Chris, Amy and Peter. Rolling egg fortune game a pagan plus.

9. Buy Limited Edition Outback from in-laws. Fabu price and (heated) leather seats.

10. Kung Fu Panda 2, in theaters May 26.

Thumbs Down

1. Pet chicken Ozzie dies. $50 vet bill, prognosis: not good.

2. Whiplash, boys and I. (Prescribed massage therapy double-thumbs up. Tension headaches, double-thumbs down).

3. Cabbage farts. Not sayin' who.

4. Federal Taxes.

5. Brooks' lost wallet, April Trax pass included. (FYI: $5 reward).

6. Rough-housing on school bus = three staples in Oliver's melon. (Double-thumbs down: fifty-cent usage fee for photo.)

7. Jenny's ambulance trip to hospital ten days after auto accident. More expensive than vet bill but better prognosis.

8. Home domination of pesky houseplant gnats. They're everywhere.

9. Spotted: budding moustache hairs on Oliver's lip, not of peach-fuzz variety. Parents definitely not ready.

10. Snow storm today, at least four inches (more downed branches in back yard). Spring will just have to wait.


Elisa said...

Reading your description of Survivorman, my immediate thought was, "perfect TV career for Janelle."

Elisa says thumbs down to the Briggs/Winkel clan getting so roughed up. No more hospitals!

eugie74 said...

F'real, right? I can totally see Janelle pulling that off. Dude, I'm going to start a show on how to make a relationship work in remote corners of the planet. Wouldn't that be the best? Trying to make a budget work in Borneo or ironing out child-rearing philosophies in Tibet?

jai said...

Better yet, drop me in a remote corner of the planet with a monchichi, Settlers of Catan, and a hard-boiled egg...

Matthew Gerber said...

Thanks for the lunch date and thanks to your dad for the treat. That was definitely a thumbs up afternoon for me, too.