Monday, September 20, 2010

Where In the World?

Last week Brooks left for a business trip to San Francisco. Knowing he would be gone all week, Brahm sent him with one of his Lego Storm Troopers just in case Brooks felt lonely and missed him. Being sensitive to others is not unlike Brahm. Two of his gifts are a strong sense of compassion and empathy for others. Brooks understands this. In fact, he knows just how much he and his son are alike in this way. So it shouldn't have surprised me (though it did) when this series of photos showed up a few days later for Brahm.

Bay Bridge Tunnel
Bay Bridge
Union Square
The Embarcadero
Taxi Drive
Down Town

Brooks is in Las Vegas this week. He didn't leave empty handed, either. Oliver sent him with a Lego Snow Trooper and Brahm, a sheriff (with handcuffs - a non-negotiable travel accessory, I'm told). We can't wait to see where they'll turn up this time...


Kate said...

that's cute, I foresee this happening with every business trip from here on out. The boys will be like 16 and sending Brooks off to China with an appropriate toy of the future.

eugie74 said...

Ha! I can see this, too. Brooks sent some photos of the Legos in Vegas already. I told the boys this morning they could see them if they got completely ready for school five minutes early. It worked!

We miss you guys!

Elisa said...

This is why Brooks is one of my favoriting humans of the male variety. Thank heavens he's a father. it means he can raise up other little boys to be like him.

I think their mom is pretty great too. LUcky kids.