Monday, October 13, 2008

Elections 2008 Brinkel-style

This is for Brandi who says I need to update my blog.

From the backseat in the car on the way to school last month, Brahm pipes up, "Mom, you know who I'm voting for for president? Obama." I'm surprised and amused, not by his choice per se but by the fact that he's given it any thought.

"You know who I'm voting for?", Oliver chimes in, removing his sucking fingers from his mouth only long enough to say the words. "John McCain."

This amuses me even more. I am imagining our '96 Subaru wagon rattling down the street with a McCain bumper sticker on Oliver's side and an Obama on Brahm's.

It's Brahm who interrupts my thoughts. "You know why I'm voting for Obama? It's because we've never had a black president before and I think it would be good if we could have one."

There's an audible pause and then this from the little brother: "Obama's black?"

"Yep." I confirm, "He's black."

"Is John McCain white?"

"Dear child, they don't come any whiter."

Another pause and then,"Well then I'm voting for Obama, too." I raise my eyebrows and glance in the rearview mirror to see if I can interpret his face for a reason behind the change. I can only tell that he's thinking.

"Why don't you want to vote for McCain anymore?" I finally ask.

"Well, if you put a black crayon on a piece of white paper and color it, the black will always win."

Aaaah. Now I see. No, I don't pretend to understand the logic behind the decision but with Oliver, it's all about winning, whatever the context, whatever the reasoning. Therefore, come November 5th, may the best crayon win.


BakerBloggers-Matt & Jenny said...

Matt here.

You know, that is about the best reason I have heard YET to vote for Obama...

Continuing with the crayon thread, if we want a candidate who is most like a crayon, McCain is definitely more waxy looking...

Super Kate said...

hilarious Matt! And welcome back jenny-o, you've been missed. Especially now with all the children gems you've been holding out on.

Sue said...

Bwaaa-haaa-haaa! That is classic!

Lily's never heard of Obama or McCain. In fact, when I told her about this post (after I cackled out loud) I said it was about who Brahm and Oliver were going to vote for. She goes, "Vote for what?"

Either that Challenger education is paying off or you and Brooks are having far too much political pillow talk.

Nae said...

This is the cutest! Your kids are so much fun! Always love what they come up with in Primary, and it's fun to hear what they come up with at home!